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Customer Support

No business could function without a satisfied customer and no service is completed without extended support. With our 24*7 customer support services we help you extend real time support to your customers making them feel valued. Some businesses like travel agencies, financial service providers, healthcare etc. involves unprecedented situations and require a full time support system for their customers. If your business is present in multiple geographies or involves faster redressal of unprecedented situations like those in travel, financial services and healthcare industries, a real time support is essential.

What’s in it for you?

Increase in customer loyalty– Your customers know that you have their back even after the selling part is done. This ensures they stick by you as future business prospects.

Reduction in CES– The more efforts your customer puts to reach you, the more it increases your Customer Effort Score. Our 24*7 services ensure that you provide real time assistance hence reducing your CES (Customer effort score).


Records Retrieval

Record retrieval agencies have to ensure error-free and secured management of clients’ records. At Arrowshine, we have a team of experienced professionals who organize, sort, categorize and analyze records for agencies and cater to their end-to-end document management needs. Our OCR-based document search and indexing methods speed up business processes for record management agencies.

What’s in it for you?

  • Data security- Using data encrypting technology can dig a hole in your budget. Outsourcing a part of record management services to us means your records are safe at a lower cost.
  • Paperwork reduction– We help you digitize your record management process so that next time you don’t have to search between the piles of papers.
  • Error-free management- With our expert team in healthcare record management we guarantee you a smooth and safe retrieval service equipped with a deep understanding of your data.


Real Estate Outsourcing

Do you have a property but no tenants or are you looking for a suitable place to move your operations? We ease your search with our letting services that are carefully designed and executed to meet your requirements. We provide services for housing benefit claims, payment chasing, property marketing, and tenancy agreement drafting. From sourcing suitable tenants to carrying out disparate functions like rent and maintenance monitoring, contractor invoice management, renewal and termination management, lease administration; we have got you covered. We help real estate developers in claiming government grants, charities, and other housing benefits that fall under their purview.

What’s in it for you?

  • Regulated search- We conduct background checks of all the parties involved, thus reducing any unprecedented circumstances.
  • Hassle-free procedures- Our end-to-end services ensure your peace of mind all the time. We take care of all the remote procedures as well.
  • High overhead costs- Leasing and property management involve data management, legal procedures, and duties that incur costs. We help you avoid such additional expenses by providing budget-friendly suite services.


IT Services

Do you still spend hours examining IT infrastructure and hiring software developers for repetitive tasks? Spend less time worrying about IT services and start pivoting your business seamlessly. Through our affordable IT development, integration and optimization services we enable small and medium enterprises taste the flavor of automation. We optimize your business process through integrations, API, cloud computing and information management.

What’s in it for you?

Less hassle, more productivity– A little peace of mind is always appreciated! Our business process related IT services ensure that your business works even without much human intervention.

Time saving- Time is the most powerful asset we have but the sad part is it depreciates every second. Giving your IT concerns to us means that you have a lot of time to work on things that build you revenue.

Low error rate and risk– It requires utmost care while handling organizational data and cloud based infrastructures. While in-house developers are smart, they are not robots. We on the other hand have expertise in handling customer data, because we do this day and night. Outsourcing IT services ensures less error and reduces the risk of data loss.


Recruitment Services

With the rise in digital transformation all over the world, the need for skilled and competent staff has inflated. Sourcing efficient candidates have become a challenge for many enterprises due to the lack of tech enabled recruitment solutions. We extend our support to organizations through our Recruitment Process Optimization services where we provide end to end solutions to meet the staffing and onboarding requirements of organizations.

What’s in it for you?

  • Competent workforce– We walk an extra mile and do the cherry-picking to source the most competent candidate so that your HR team could focus on integral tasks like management of your people.
  • Candidate sourcing– Hiring a suitable candidate who is equally efficient and aligned with your organizational needs is a task! But with our extensive search, strategic resume screening and vast social media reach, we help you save time sourcing the right candidates.
  • Seamless onboarding– Onboarding is yet another level of workout for HR teams. To simplify your lives we provide complete onboarding solutions. From document acquisition to early joining, we got it covered for you everything under one roof.


Accounting & Financial

With the rise in technological and digital aspects of business, accounting services outsourcing has become prevalent for many multinationals and small businesses. If you are not into finance, outsourcing such activities help you focus on your revenue generating business areas.

What’s in it for you?

Reduction in error– Outsourcing crucial tasks like book-keeping, invoice and financial management give you a window to utilize advanced resources to execute such tasks with greater proficiency. It reduces your accounting errors and saves you from penalties and tickets.

Improved business efficiency– Hiring a third party to manage your accounts help you focus on operating activities of your business that add value to your company.

Sends a green signal to investors– Outsourcing essential business services sends a green signal to investors that your business uses its revenue effectively and intuitively. This opens up an opportunity to attract investment in the firm.

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